Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Day of Kindergarten!

Tuesday was Talan's first day of Kindergarten!! He was so excited to go and even more excited that his Daddy got to take him. He is loving recess and snack time of course!!! He was excited to see his friends from preschool! He is Mr. Independent and doesn't want mom anywhere around, until the end of the day then he loves to see me! I am just excited that he is at my school so that I can walk by and peek at him once and awhile!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ernie's and Tamar's Wedding

Ryker was in his first Wedding yesterday. He was a handsome lil guy! Rehersal on Friday didn't go very well but he came through on Saturday. Then they played hard at the reception, despite the 90 degree weather, both the wedding and reception were great!

The boys looked so cute in their hats!
Daddy and Ryker dancing it up!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fireworks on the Lake

Thanks to our good friends who have a boat and access to Rainbow Lake we were able to watch fireworks on the water. The boys loved riding in the boat and were pretty speechless during the fireworks, except for Ryker yelling, "WOW, see nother one!".

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Baseball 2011

Baseball is almost over for the season, just one more game. Talan has done a great job with his hitting and his fielding. It's amazing how much growth he has made from last year. He loves baseball and were hoping this continues throughout his school career!

He has great hand eye coordination!
He's a pretty fast runner too! (ok maybe I am bragging!)

Getting ready to field the ball.

Ok, now it's time to get serious, he turned his hat around, lol.

Splash Pad Fun

On Monday, Hawk Island in Lansing has free parking so Jarrah, Brady, the boys, and I met Maggie, Anna, and Will at the park to play in the water. The temp wasn't too bad but the wind and lack of sun made it a little chilly. However, other than chattering teeth and blue lips the kids didn't mind it much. We even made our way down to the beach where we were rudely told we weren't allowed in the water until life guards were on duty, oops. So we ate some lunch and went back to the splash pad. It was a fun time. We will be returning there real soon!!

Ryker shooting the water gun.

Ryker, trying to be like his big brother!
Brady was Mr. Brave, he ran through all of the water!

Talan checking on Brady.

All the kids loved the splash pad!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Breakfast on the Farm

Dad, Rachel, Colton, Ryker, Talan, and I went to Breakfast on the Farm this morning. It was a really fun event. We had breakfast, went through the milking barn, saw some tractors, fed some baby cows, ate some ice cream and had a nice wagon ride back to our car. The weather was nice and fun was had by all!!
Pancakes, sausage, strawberries, and milk.

They didn't have a sand box, they had a corn box for the kids to play in.

Talan toured the ambulance.
Talan and Ryker in the wheel well of a big tractor.

Then they got to get in the tractor and honk the horn.

Talan feeding the baby cow.
Ryker fed the baby cow too!
Finished up with some Ice Cream.

Friday, June 17, 2011


A few of us friends BBq'd tonight, tons of fun and it was great to see everyone. Baby Norah stole the show with her cuteness. The rest of the kids played so good together and I hate to admit this but Steve and Bird beat Rachel and I at Baggo. We will totally get them next time. The sun went down so sitting on the deck was enjoyable. We ended the night with a bonfire and smores.

Sweet baby Norah.

Kendall and Ryker have a love/hate relationship, lol.

Sarah and Norah.